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Info and tutorial page around certain synthesizers and sounds. And advertising for my corresponding books and publications.

About the Alesis Fusion Workstation, the Yamaha FM Synthesizer DX Generation, the legendary Minimoog, Korg Kronos Workstation, working with FM Synthesis and Physical Models, and much more.

Also: The books My Fusion Secrets for the Alesis Fusion Workstation, the German-language DX Story about the legendary Yamaha FM Synthesizer Generation, the Minimoog Classics SPB.

This is how you get more out of your electronic keyboard instruments and synthesizers. Concrete handouts, explanations of basic synthesis functions and how to teach yourself the necessary skills. Where to find the right sounds, operating documents, sound lists, service, videos with demonstrations of presets, programming hints.

DX Story

The DX Story is a German language book that tells the story about the famous Yamaha FM Synthesizer generation of the eighties.

About the book:

Frequency Modulation as the magic formula for the sound of the 80s. With just three letters, the Japanese instrument manufacturer Yamaha makes music history in the early 80s: The DX7 is launched. A keyboard instrument with a completely new sound aesthetic.

The magic word is FM Synthesis, invented by Dr. John M. Chowning at Stanford University in California. This book tells the exciting story of the DX7, from the very beginning. How the inventor discovered FM synthesis rather by chance, researched it and was initially rebuffed by the industry. And then finally finds a competent partner in Yamaha. Together they tinker and develop, many prototypes are necessary, until finally the original DX7 is constructed.

This changes the modern music landscape practically overnight, because the typical FM sounds are the trademark of many successful productions of the 80s.

Book Content:

  • All instruments of the DX generation with profile and many photos
  • Exclusive foreword by Dr. John M. Chowning
  • The fascinating DX logbook from 1983 to 1989
  • Interviews with Dave Bristow, Reinhold Heil, Hubertus Maass, Klaus Schrön
  • Overviews of sounds, software, tutorials
  • 3rd party products, expansions, addresses, websites
  • 190 pages, 140 photos and illustrations

More details and where to order it here


Alesis Fusion Workstation

About the instrument, the tutorial spiral-binding book “My Fusion Secrets” including sample library and Program Presets soundbank, commercial sounds, user forum, documentation resources.

Minimoog Classics

The famous spiral-binding Patch Charts book with modification tutorial and audio data.

Have fun!